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The Foundation for Natural Dance

PHYSICALLY SPEAKING offers Creative Energy Workshops, Using Natural Dance, meditation & structured improvisation to explore the body in space.

Workshops are concerned with the art of movement & expression, harnessing & channeling energy for balance and healing, self-awareness, raising vibrations & promoting well-being whilst developing creative skills.

One-to-one Usui Reiki consultations and treatments are available (client specific interaction) and Chen style Tai Chi for groups (for health).

What is Natural Dance?

Natural Dance is an approach to movement which embraces all the senses. Spiritually Speaking it is a space in which to explore the instincts of the body to move. A form of meditation and creative expression, responding to the environment without pressure to perform. Natural Dance is as much a sensory experience as it is an art form. Promoting creative movement which taps into the natural flow of your own body rhythms.

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